Teen DV Month Relationship Abuse Toolkit

Teen DV Month Relationship Abuse Toolkit

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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month! If you have not introduced relationship abuse prevention into your school or organization, this is the perfect time to raise awareness. The activities and content in this toolkit can be added to pre-existing lessons, or as a stand alone unit.

This toolkit includes:

  • "What is a Healthy Relationship?" Handout and Worksheet

  • "Arguing Fairly" Handout

  • "Creating Boundaries" Worksheet

  • "Relationship Inventory" Worksheet"What is Relationship Abuse?" Handout

  • "Relationships in the Media" Handout

  • "What Can I Say?" Handout (for adults)

  • "What Can I Do?" Handout (for adults)


Relationship abuse among young people is the most prevalent form of youth violence. According to the CDC, in the last year, nearly 1 in 9 female teens and about 1 in 13 male teens reported experiencing physical dating abuse. Among adults that have experienced relationship abuse, 23% of women and 14% of men had their first experiences before the age 18. In order to reduce occurrences of relationship abuse, measures have to be taken towards prevention.